Floor Plan of East and West Houses

Dear Members, We are happy to inform you that we have convinced the builder to accept the suggestions given by you in the general body meeting held on 16th Feb 2015. East and West tentative floor plans have been modified. However the increase in price due to accommodation of additional facilities and floor area needs to be worked out. We will intimate the same shortly.

The following are the summary of accepted suggestions.
 1. Increase the slab area from 904 sq. ft. to 1086 sq. ft., also providing 9” RCC projection in the        sides other than portico.
  2. Providing AC point in children bed room & living room.
  3. Providing granite counter with shelves between kitchen and dining (900mm ht).
  4. Providing loft and shelves in kitchen, two Bedrooms, dining hall and living room.
  5. Doubling the diameters of the sewer line by taking G+1 in consideration.
  6. Providing wall mixture in another wash room.
  7. Providing 16amps power socket in kitchen.
  8. Providing Under Ground sump of 1500 litres.
  9. Providing Solar fencing for entire facilities.
10. Providing of Inverter wiring for 1KW load.